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Tips for Boiling Bird's Nest at home!

Tips for Boiling Bird's Nest at home!

Boiling bird's nest at home for your loved ones is definitely the warmest thing to do, but for their health & well-beings - make sure you do it right! 

Here to find out 5 tips we have for you (the don'ts) while boiling your own bird's nest at home! Or else, you can always stock up freshly-boiled one from us just-in-case! 

1. Neglected the source of raw bird's nest

With a proper cleaning procedure, high level of nitrite which is potentially carcinogenic and not visible to our naked eyes is washed off to ensure it is not harmful to our body. We recommend you to source cleaned raw bird's nest from a reliable farm especially with an approved food safety system.

2. Boiling with too high temperature and for too long

Bird's nest is packed with an abundance of nutrients. High temperature breaks the bonds in protein, causing good nutrients to be destroyed. Best to use a double-boiler to avoid the heat from directly contacting the bird's nest. Keep the cooking process not more than 30 minutes.

3. Over-soaking affects the texture of bird's nest

Different types of raw bird's nest requires different soaking time in the water. Each of them has different expansion rate too. Check them frequently & deliberately while soaking to prevent them from turning too soft & losing bird nests' most natural gelatinous and silky texture

4. Keeping them in the room temperature for nights

Cooking bird's nest with RO or pure water is to avoid bacteria growth & contamination that is harmful to our body. However, storing boiled bird's nest in the fridge with a temperature at 4°C or lower that puts microorganism at "hibernate" mode is also a key of keeping them fresh and for a longer span.

5. Boiling with food that is incompatible with bird' s nest

Boiling or consuming bird's nest with food that is incompatible, such as coffee, tea or food that contains protease enzyme might lead to reduction in absorption of nutrients. If you are unsure what to boil it with, we recommend you just keep it as simple as possible.

Share these useful tips to your parents, elderly or people you know who used to cook bird's nest at home. 

If you are looking for dry bird's nest for gifting or self consumption, we got what you want! Simply Whatsapp us your ideal gifting with budget and we will offer the best choice and recommendation to you based on your preference! 

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