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Our Story

Father’s Love for Children

Our founder, Mr Lim Lai Soon, started off as a swiftlet farmer.

After his wife gave birth to 3 of his elder children, he observed that his children often get sick easily, usually being transmitted from schoolmates or from one another. As a businessman, it was a difficult period for Lim, having to juggle between work during day time, and sending his sick children for medical treatment and taking care of them at night.

Post-treatment recovery, Lim observed that his children’s physical being was not as strong as before. Since then, Lim started to teach his housemaid on how to clean his homegrown bird’s nest into edible bird’s nest, and techniques on how to cook them for his children’s daily consumption. After a few months, Lim noticed that his children had grown much more energetic and healthy.

From First Hand Experience to Advocate

Having first hand experienced and witnessed how bird’s nest works miraculously in strengthening his children’s immune system, Lim decided to introduce the greatness of bird’s nest to more consumers. Lim therefore started building his own cleaning factory, and later opening the first bird’s nest themed cafe in Ipoh.

Lim is now a father for 6 children, and Lim’s family is still committed to consuming bird’s nests drinks as their daily nourishment.

Continuing Father’s Legacy with Gratitude

In late 2021, Lim’s eldest daughter, Etheng, joined her father and rebranded VNest with a refreshing look. By introducing VNest to the online community, Etheng hopes to continue his father’s legacy while advocating the bird’s nest culture of gratitude to more young consumers worldwide.

Our Mission

“To promote a healthy lifestyle through consumption of pure and natural nutrients.”

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