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Crafting Joy: A Nest of Joy this Holiday Season!

Crafting Joy: A Nest of Joy this Holiday Season!

Cheers to the joy of the year as we delve into the world of crafting your own delightful bird's nest drinks. As the Christmas season is around the corner, it's time to celebrate the joy of togetherness!

This festive season, let's spice up the vibes and festive gatherings with ready-to-drink bird's nest! Whether you're a couple looking to add a romantic touch or a health and beauty enthusiast seeking wellness in every sip, these creative recipe tailored just for you.

Snow Globe with Bird's Nest

Snow Globe with Bird's Nest:

Winter's embrace in a snow globe, a nest of flavors with a taste of fresh strawberries and yogurt swirls. Video recipe coming soon!  

Mixed Berry Punch with Bird's NestMixed Berry Punch with Bird's Nest:

A fruity concoction of fresh berries and bird's nest, creating a vibrant drink that embodies the colors of the season. Click to watch the 16sec video recipe

Passion Fruit Lemonade  with Bird's NestPassion Fruit Lemonade with Bird's Nest:

This refreshing concoction combines the tangy zest of passion fruit and the rejuvenating properties of bird's nest, creating a drink that's both invigorating and delightful. Click to watch the video recipe in less than 1 minute!

Papaya Milk with Bird's NestPapaya Milk with Bird's Nest:

The sweet creaminess of papaya and bird's nest, creating a drink that's both delicious and revitalizing. Craft your drinks with this simple video recipe

This Christmas, you're invited to 'A Nest of Joy this Holiday Season!' Join us to be the creative bird's nest foodie and receive a FREE RM10 Website Gift Voucher with your participation!  All you need to do is to follow and tag us on Instagram (dm us if you have a private account) with your creative bird's nest drinks or food using #VNestBirdNest. OR treat yourself or loved one with any bird's nest pairing food and drink at VNest Concept Cafe in this December! 

Better than ever! Embrace the spirit of the Christmas season with a touch of creativity and wellness!

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