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Passion & Profession

We love what we have been doing since 1997 and it is difficult to stop our passion and profession involving edible Bird's Nest (EBN)! That's why we insist on building and managing our own homegrown swiftlets' farms, to guarantee the quality of our bird's nest from the very beginning stage.

Now, VNest has become a one-stop bird's nest supply chain based in Ipoh, that specializes in the farming, processing and production of EBN products, for more than a decade!

From farm to table

It all started from a father's love towards his family, when our founder produced fresh and pure bird's nest soup at home for a healthy family. Just like how he protects his family with love and cares, he preserves and protects the nature of swiftlets to produce the purest, freshest and nutrients bird's nest drinks!

Malaysia's community happiness

Together, with a heart that is full of passion and love to sustain the community happiness in Malaysia diversity. Improve Malaysians' quality lifestyle with nutritious food, healthy mind and body!

Make (y)our day!

VNest is here on your good & day day! What's more with 100% nature, contains zero preservatives, artificials & chemicals! Enjoy the freshest and purest freshly boiled bird's nest upon orders!

Experience the Bird's Nest Themed Cafe

Sharing the love of bird's nest with Ipoh lang and Malaysians too! A real self experience at our cafe to reconnect with nature and enjoy the aesthetic bird's nest delicacy with VNest!

Our Mission

“To promote a healthy lifestyle through consumption of pure and natural nutrients.”

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