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Our Journey

VNest is a one-stop bird’s nest supply chain based in Ipoh, which specializes in the farming, processing and production of edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) products since 1997.


Swiftlet Farming

Starting off with bird’s nest farming in 1999, our swiftlet farms are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia. As an aspiring brand leader in the edible bird’s nest industry, we commit ourselves to taking care of the wellbeing of both you and our swiftlets. With that, we dedicate ourselves to ethical farming by providing a conducive environment for swiftlets to inhabit and not harming them during our harvesting process.


Processing Plant

In 2003, VNest set up its processing plant in Ipoh to process our homegrown raw bird’s nests into edible bird’s nests (EBN). We pride ourselves in producing pure and natural EBN, through the combination of both traditional and modern techniques without involving any chemical substance. To deliver the highest quality of EBN to our consumers, VNest has also attained the stringent and highest food safety and quality standards at both local and international level


First Bird’s Nest Cafe

In 2016, VNest opened its first bird’s nest themed cafe in the renowned Ipoh old town, a busy street filled with tourists and local foodies. Through our creative pairing of bird’s nests with our daily meals, we aspire to make bird’s nests easily accessible to the public, and to serve as an avenue to educate consumers about bird’s nests.


Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest | Greet online

In December 2021, VNest greeted its customers online  with a brand new look, after having served its freshly boiled bird’s nest only to its offline customers for the past 5 years. With our expertise and experience in the bird's nest industry, we aspire to make bird’s nests more easily accessible to the public, anytime and anywhere!

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