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Secret ingredient in Bird's Nest: sialic acid

Secret ingredient in Bird's Nest: sialic acid

Many have been wondering what’s so special about Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) which makes it so distinct and irreplaceable. Well, the main secret ingredient in EBN is called “sialic acid”. Apart from human breast milk, high levels of sialic acid are also detected in EBN, and rarely exist in any other food or drinks.

Here’s 4 scientifically proven benefits brought by the dietary intake of sialic acid to human body:

1. Promotes brain development 

Sialic acid is mainly found to facilitate brain development and can improve intellect particularly among infants. Now you know why it is best to consume bird’s nests during pregnancy!

2. Improve cognitive performance 

Sialic acid helps in improving memory and thinking skills. It is also helpful to the elderly in the sense of delaying brain dysfunction. That makes EBN the perfect gift for the elderly! 

3. Increase cell tissue repair 

Scientific research has shown that sialic acid is effective in promoting cell growth and cell division, and rejuvenation from damaged cells. That’s why we would recommend the intake of EBN to both our customer patients who just underwent medical therapy, or mother who just gave birth, to help them in speeding up their recovery process.

4. Boost immune system 

Sialic acid helps to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the growth of white blood cells that produce antibodies. EBN which is rich in sialic acid is therefore a wonderful nutrient for those who wish to strengthen his/her immune system for a healthier and stronger body! 

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